14 Beauty Tricks to Have a glowing skin in Just 15 Minutes

Best tips for glowing skin 

Glowing skin? Hi guys whats up, in this article i will give you 14 best tips for glowing skin so read this full article and tell me how my article became useful to you.

Day to day, weather variations, pollution or sun exposure are just some of the causes that can cause dryness, dehydration or other imperfections in our skin.

Glowing skin

To get a hydrated, skin glow and free of imperfections we must routinely take care of our skin. It may seem complicated, however, it is easier than we think. Take note of these 14 beauty tricks, you will get an glowing skin!

1. Extra-gentle hands.

Extra gentle hands

Prepare a weekly scrub. Combine a spoon of coconut oil, one of honey and one of brown sugar. Rub the mixture between your hands for three minutes and rinse.

2. Do not sleep with makeup.


Keep some make-up wipes in a place near your bed so you never go to sleep with a dirty face. In this way, even if you are tired, you will have no excuse to not take off your makeup before going to sleep.

3. Remove dead cells.

Dead cells

At least once a week, use a homemade scrub and remove dead cells. Your face and body will feel much softer after using one of these 10 natural masks.

4. Hydrate your skin.

Hydrate skin

Water is essential for healthy glowing skin and if it is added with fruit vitamins it is much better, because it becomes detoxifying water capable of cleaning your body deeply.

5. Try to feed yourself well.


Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, such as carrots, lemon, tomatoes, nuts, broccoli, apples, peppers or purple grapes.

6. Rest for glowing skin 


It is not necessary to sleep eight hours daily, if you feel that your body is tired, make yourself a detoxifying tea. Boil water and add a sprig of cinnamon, a piece of ginger and the juice of half a lemon.

7. Bring your skin to life.

Skin to life

If you want a more luminous skin use a little homemade spray. Mix 1/2 cup of green tea, two tablespoons of aloe Vera and a cup of water in a pot with a sprayer. Apply it during the day.

8. Forget the stains.

Forget the stains

Boil two tablespoons of white rice in a simple cup of water until it looks like white milk. Strain the mixture and let cool. Store the liquid in a bottle and apply it with a cotton wool in the morning and at night.

9. No imperfections.


If you get a pimple on your face, use a little tea tree oil and let it sit overnight. You will see how it disappears in a few days.(also read: 5 awesome Secrets of Hairdressers which Will Never Tell You)

10. Your face deserves softness.

Aloe Vera gel

Use a little natural aloe vera gel on your skin at night.aloe vera is best treatment  for dry skin it gives natural glowing skin and softness.

11. Conscious your lips.

Conscious your lips.

Mix one teaspoon of natural coconut oil with one of honey and apply to the lips for five minutes. you will get natural softness.

12. Down!


The neck is one of the most forgotten parts of the body. Make the purpose of taking care of it a little more by extending products such as cream or masks up to the neck.

13. Stop touching your face

Unwanted touch

unwanted face touching is one of the most reason for having not healthy skin. especially if your hands are dirty, this will make your skin fill with bacteria.

14. Looks that impact.

Looks that impact

Use soy milk to deflate the bags under your eyes. Dip two cotton balls with cold soy milk and let them sit for three minutes to reduce the bags and you will get a best healthy and glowing skin at home.

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