5 awesome Secrets of Hairdressers which Will Never Tell You

Secrets of Hairdressers

welcome to instyles guys.today, We bring 5 secrets from the world of hairdressers that you should know before doing any transformation in your look. Read our article carefully to avoid major frustrations.

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It is amazing how a good hairstyle can boost our self-esteem and works as a kind of strong injection of good mood. But unfortunately, this does not always happen when we go to the hairdressers.

1. The curls hide the errors of the hairdressers


hairdressers can easily mask uneven haircut or wrong coloring. He does it with curls. To evaluate the work of a professional, you ask him to straighten his hair with a blow dryer. In straight and straight hair all errors and imperfections are clearly observable.

2. Expensive and professional products are diluted with cheaper ones or with water

Professional products

Unfortunately, this happens. Some salons make an 'economy nut' reducing agstas with products for the hair. Expensive shampoos can be mixed with cheap products or even diluted in water. The result is a change in pH, which can be dangerous for the hair.

3. The permanent is only suitable for healthy hair

Healthy hair

Many people with straight hair have thought about doing permanent. But unfortunately, this is not recommended for some types of hair. 

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Fine and delicate hair can suffer a lot from permanent products. Besides, the possibility that it does not work is always enormous.

4. When choosing a cut, think about the structure of your hair

Hair structure

When choosing a hair cut or a hairstyle, consider not only your face type but also the structure of your hair. For example, soft hair rarely retains shape. Therefore, the geometric cuts are not the most indicated. So as not to miss, check out the look of the celebrities and try to see what type of hair matches yours. 

5. Many treatments are absolutely useless

Hair treatment

Many treatments are sold as ways to recover a worn out hair. It is always important to understand why the hair is brittle or brittle, especially inside us. Some treatments will only mask the true problem and postpone its resolution.


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