11 affordable and best honeymoon destinations in the world!

best honeymoon destinations 

Looking for a affordable and best honeymoon destinations? if your answer is yes then this article is best for you. Wedding is one of the most important experiences in anyone's life & everyone wants to make it a superlative experience. 

Honeymoon is at the centre of any wedding planning. If you are a hopeless romantic & are planning a 'picture perfect' honeymoon, then here are some of the cheapest & best honeymoon destinations around the world:

1. Goa - india

Best honeymoon destinations

Goa is the cheap and best honeymoon destinations for newly married couples.There is no doubt that most of the new couples visit to Goa to celebrate honeymoon in Goa.

You can enjoy the natural beauty on the beach with your life partner here in the morning and the evening spent in amazing parties. This place is also known for its sea food, water sports, deep sea fishing and wind surfing.

2Auckland - New Zealand


best honeymoon destinations |  New zealand has some of the cheapest Food and accommodation in the world if You're going to take a trip there the most expensive part of the trip would be the trip itself is special true.

if you fly for the United States if you travel and you need to spend most of your budget on travel will not need much money once arrives in Auckland, newly married couples like to come here.

3. Machu Picchu - Peru

Machu pichhu

This is the best destinations for honeymoon of couples. there are lot of things you do and many of them are free you can visit the Inca ruins in machu picchu which is very exciting.
If you are a hardcore enthusiast you can lift Inca trail if you want to spend a relaxing day by the water you can enjoy the peruvian coast. there are so many activities to keep you busy your ability to spend more on your flight your food and lodging.

4. Santorini - Greece

Santorini Greece

Santorini islands in Greece is one of the affordable and popular honeymoon destinations in the world. it's favoured romantic getaways for its crystal clear water and the only active volcano with a crater right in the sea. 

Besides the deep blue water & the beautiful exotic beaches you can also explore the red, white and black sands and the famous Santorini sunset. A kiss shared with your partner with the Santorini sunset as the backdrop will seal your love forever!

5. Fiji - Pacific Ocean


The turtle shaped Fiji is very popular honeymoon destination. it's a tropical paradise for all honeymooners. With its white sand beaches, swaying date trees, enchanting luxurious resorts and the serene blue waters Fiji is a love-nest topping the mind-space of all honeymooners. 

If you love some underwater adventure , then there is a whole host of romantic activities starting from diving, snorkeling & surfing to keep you busy and demystify your significant other.

6. Jamaica  


Jamaica, the third largest Caribbean country is a blissfully romantic destination for honeymooners. It's a place where you must let your hair down and have fun in the sun. 

Some of the best resorts in Jamaica will provide you impeccable rooms with a clear view of the Caribbean ocean right from your window. 

If you are looking for some relaxation, then a lazy massage by the sea while sipping a tropical cocktail would be the perfect idea. Most honeymooners leave Jamaica with plans to revisit during anniversaries

7. Marrakech - Morocco


if you want a cheap and best honeymoon destination. go to morrakech in October and May. One reason you need to go between October and may is this is the time of year where hotels prices drop drastically as well food prices.if you are traveling on a budget that could be perfect Place.

8. Cayman Islands

Looking for best honeymoon destinations cayman islands is one of the best in cheapest destination in the world.Situated in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the Cayman islands are rated among the best honeymoon destinations in the world. 

A honeymoon in the lovely Cayman islands is the stuff dreams are made of. What better romantic hideaway can there be than to hit the reef and lose yourself to the fascinating underwater world together with your lover ?

 The crystal clear water provides the perfect setting for underwater adventures like scuba diving and snorkelling.

9. Varna - Bulgaria 

it's a one of the most cheapest eastern european cities to visit and breathtaking views. It's a resort town and it's right on coast of the black sea. A trip to varna won't break the bank and this town give you an experience lifetime.here many couples come to celebrate their honeymoon

10. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Honeymooners looking for adventure will fall headlong for Costa Rica. When in Costa Rica, couples can intimately experience wild life and nature in fascinating hideaways like the Nayara its a very cheap place for honeymooners.

Here you can enjoy scenic beach resorts and luxury spas simultaneously. Everything in this small heavenly abode is created to heighten the sensations of newly wed couples to make it an everlasting memory.

11. Bali - Indonesia 


Bali is very popular honeymoon  destination due to that food and accommodation is Inexpensive it's a also popular for younger crowd.

if you love coffee you will love bali what is nearby Java islands well you can try many types of coffee there are called function loud if you will visit Bali you should visit in april and october. if you get a visit to bali also bring your own camera the scenery is absolutely amazing.

we hope you all have read my article of cheap and  best honeymoon destinations in the world so if u like please share this with your friends and family and also give your valuable opinion or question in comment box thanks for read. 

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