6 Awesome Fitness Hacks for Lazy Girls you need to know

Fitness hacks 

Weight loss/gain is a visual validation you get only if you strive for continuous fitness. Having said that here are some fitness hacks I try to follow to aid my fitness journey.  

Fitness hacks

1. ACV before meals

I try to have a dish of apple cider vinegar before lunch and dinner. I stick to 10-15ml of ACV for the day to avoid too much acidity Of course.

it’s not the best tasting concoction but I try to the make the most of it by adding sparkling water and berries. It’s like my daily healthy mocktail. It helps you curb cravings and certainly aids in weight loss. I highly recommend you pick an organic ACV since you will have it every day.

Some quick mixes: 

ACV + sparkling water + plums

 ACV + sparkling water + strawberries and blue berries

 ACV + iced water + a slice of orange

Apply apple cider vinegar

2. Small plates

One trick that helped me trick my appetite was using smaller plates. They fill up faster and also it’s more effort to go get the second helping (you thought I was kidding about the laziness?) 

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This will help you measure your quantities and keep your diet in check. I started my diet by serving my home cooked meals in smaller plates and bowls, and it helped me curb overeating.

3. Swap the carbs

Swap the carbs

Another way to accelerate your diet is by substituting white rice with buckwheat/ quinoa/ brown rice/ red rice. Grains like buckwheat and quinoa, or red or brown rice, are unprocessed or minimally processed, unlike their white counterpart. 

This leads to the preservation of their nutrient value while still ensuring a higher protein and lower gluten and carb count than white rice.  

4. Workout while watching TV

Workout with tv

The common sentiment regarding fitness is that it’s boring and tiring. Exercising is simply about moving around, staying active and being agile. Push yourself to do a mix of these exercises each day, and you might surprise yourself with the results.

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 Keep a set of dumbbells near your remote control and start with bicep curls during the ads. You can also do shoulder stretches, neck exercises, and ab flexes.

4. Dance, dance, dance

Play some of your favorite music and get up and dance. Sometimes it’s about movement, our sedentary lifestyle makes us lazy and lethargic go do anything. 

Start with a 30-minute fun workout routine like Zumba or aerobics and add arm movements that go at least up to the shoulders and your heart will start pumping. 

You can also jog around the room, do a few jumping jacks and walking lunges, and take the stairs instead of the elevator at work – these little tips are ideal to get started on your exercise journey before you even sign up for the gym.  

5. Change your mindset


Looking at weight loss as a short term goal to fit into a dress or look good at a reunion may be effective – but chances are the motivation will wear off after you achieve that goal. 

It’s important to look at weight loss as a moving target – maybe 5 pounds down this month, 10 pounds down next – with the overall goal being improved health. The short term targets give you the boost to get started, but the long term goals are what will keep you challenged and motivated – and don’t we all love a challenge?

6. Small steps

Fitness is a lifestyle change and takes time. Over the course of your journey, start by appreciating the small changes. Maybe your clothes fit a little better, your face has slimmed down a bit. Appreciate these internal milestones instead of craving approval from other people. 

These are simple small fitness  hacks but let's not forget the real goal is health. You should feel healthy, happy and content with yourself at any size and shape. The eventual goal is to embrace yourself.

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We hope you all have read my article of some fitness hacks for lazy girls.. So share with your friends and family and if u have any questions or  suggestions comment below thank you for read. 
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