5 Reasons for Increasing Divorce in India

Increasing divorce in India? why

Welcome in our instyles guys today we will tell about why increasing divorce in India and what is the reasons for it..so read my full article and share with your friends. So lets start it.. 

i have brought an interesting article about some important reasons why divorce in India is increasing day by day. Let me show those five reasons to all of you here.

1. Lack of proper communication 

Divorce in India

Let me tell you that communication in an Indian marriage is as important as any other marriage, if not more. 

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Bad communication or not clearly discussing concerns or clarifying each other's meanings or not asking the right questions, the marriage can result in suspicion, mistrust & arguments. This is one of the most reason for divorce in India.  

2. Dowry System:


Most of the lawyers addresses that dowry is the major cause for divorce since early years. Otherwise if the husband is educated & has human consciousness, his family member expects dowry from the girl who gets to marry their son. 

They are justify saying that their son is educated enough to ask dowry as if he is the best breed of cattle in herds. That's not at all fair..!

3. Spending habit:

Spending habit

Spending too much money on gadgets, TV & home appliances which shows off a person’s wealth. Some men & women will want to buy new things to enjoy luxury.

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 If anyone of the partner is conspicuous & the other one doesn't like to spend much on unnecessary things then there rises a controversy which will later lead them to divorce.

4. Economic Independence:


Now a days womens are equally educated to men, women earn money sufficiently. No one is dependent on anyone & if in a family, wife earns & husband is unemployed egos and attitude leads to quarrels and arguments.

5. Cheating and Affairs :

Cheating and affairs

This is one of the major causes for divorce in India. They are totally forget that marriage is a long term faithful commitment to one person. 

Lifestyle of young people forces them to commit to a ephemeral relationship & people get influenced by western cultures.This may lead them to take divorce.

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