Top 10 Food to Increse Your Brain Power Naturally

Brain power

if You are not able to focus and concentrate. Here is the  top 10 food to increase your brain power and also help you to increase your focus and memory.

1. Avocados 


This food is one of the healthiest ones you can consume and one of my all time favorites. While avocados often get a bad rep because of their high fat content

it's important to note that these green power horses are packed with mono saturated fats or the "good " Kind, keeping blood sugar level steady and your skin glowing.

Containing both vitamin k, avocados help prevent blood in the brain (protecting against stroke) as well as help improve cognitive function, especially both memory and concentration.

2. Beet 


It might be the funny shape or memories of bad recipes eaten during child hood, but beet seem to be an intimidating food for many people, even vegetable lovers. 

That's shame, because these root vegetable are some of the most nutritious plants you can eat they've ever earned a spot on my healthy food shopping list.

3. Blue berries

Blue berries

Proving that great thing do come in small packages, blue berries are a fruit I try to eat daily. That is on the grounds that they have such huge numbers of extraordinary medical advantage while posing a flavor like an all characteristic sweet!

4. Broccoli 


Broccoli is one of the best of the brain foods out these. Thanks to its high level of vitamin k and chlorine , it will help keep your memory sharp.

5. Coconut oil 

Coconut oil

One of the most versatile and good for you, with 77 uses, there's almost nothing that coconut oil can't help.

6. Milk


Milk is top most best food item for brain and for our body. It contains every thing, it is mixture of complete nutrients. It is also known for purity.

7. Dark chocolates

Dark chocolate

Not all chocolate is made equivalent, in certainty dull chocolate can really be beneficial for you! Chocolate is chock full, which have antioxidant and anti inflammatory property. 

They can also help in lower blood pressure and improve blood flow of both the brain and heart.

8. Salmon 


If you like sea food, get excited, because salmon is one of the most nutritious, brain food friendly food out these! It's packed with omega 3 fatty acid to help keep your brain running smoothly good bye  brain fog and improve memory.

If you have kid feeding them salmon can help by improving their focus. And three same fatty acids can also help prevent cancer .

9. Turmeric 


Is it safe to say that it isn't extraordinary when a basic zest has astounding medical advantages?

That's the case with turmeric, an ancient root that's been used for it's healing properties throughout history. Thanks a chemical compound found in turmeric, the spice is actually one of the most powerful (and natural) anti agents

10. Walnuts 


Things being what they are, eating walnuts can shield you from going crazy. Simply crunching on a couple of walnuts daily can enhance your cognitive health. 

Their high levels of antioxidants, vitamin E in the nuts can also help ward of Alzheimer's ( a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental function)

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